Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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If you're interested in selling any Asian antiques in San Diego (Chinese or Japanese) you can fully trust, SDLES (San Diego Liquidation and Estate Services Inc). We're a prominent estates sales liquidation firm that has a passion for antiques from the Far East. People who collects Chinese antiques in San Diego may want to learn more about our services. People who collected Japanese antiques in San Diego may want to learn more about us as well.

First-rate antiques from China are a big area of concentration for our noted company. If you have a penchant for delicate Chinese antiques that are made out of bronze, jade or porcelain, for example, we are interested. If you own an authentic Hongmu chair that was made toward the end of the 1800s, we can help help too. If you acquired an elegant vase from the Qianlong Period (a time of military successes and significant growth), we have options that may indeed be appealing to you. Our services in top-grade Chinese antiques in San Diego are truly plentiful. 

Our interest in Japanese antiques in San Diego is also very strong. Some examples of the many types of exciting and valuable Japanese antiques we are looking for include jewelry, carved netsuke, samurai swords and woodblock prints. "Netsuke" is a term that refers to small sculptures that were created during the seventeenth century. People who adore antique collectibles that originated in Japan can expect us to have a great knowledge about their items. Our company concentrates on valuable Chinese and Japanese antiques that aren't easy to find.

If you have a strong appreciation for Chinese and Japanese antiques, San Diego Liquidation and Estate Services Inc. is undoubtedly the finest company choice in the area for you. You can learn more about our services by getting in contact with our knowledgeable and dedicated team members.